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The craft of food

Knowing the history of an ingredient can be almost as satisfying as its flavor: behind the raw materials, there are craft and passion of those who work every day pursuing excellence. Looking to the future does not mean forgetting what the past has taught us. That’s why we want to bring on your tables the simplicity of artisan products, combining the reliability of the neighborhood store with the convenience of online shopping.

Our shop is constantly updated, thanks to a path of constant research: from fine truffles to PDO and PGI oils, through Parmigiano Stravecchio and star chocolate, to alpine pasture butter, Gragnano pasta, DOC and DOCG wines and officinal bitters, we are the reference point for those seeking not only quality products and fast delivery, but also passion, craftsmanship and experience in the food industry.

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It is a mushroom
Although it resembles a potato, the truffle is not a tuber, but an underground fungus.


Growing in symbiosis with a tree
In order to be born, the truffle needs a root with which it establishes a symbiotic relationship.


Raw or cooked?
White truffles can also be eaten raw, while black truffles must be cooked.

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Rice as ally
The cereal attracts humidity and allows the truffle to keep for several days.


Changing according to the soil
The truffle of a soft soil will be spherical, the one born in a stony area very irregular.


An Italian primacy
We are the only producer of winter white truffle with more than 70 tons exported per year.

What they say about us

We select products directly from producers, thanks to our valuable network of companies and artisans. Take a look at the reviews of our customers.


Fresh truffles but also excellent products! You can see and feel the quality! Well done guys, great start. The wine corner is also interesting and appetizing.


I had dinner with friends, a little truffle, Cantabrian anchovies and a Prosecco solved my evening.

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    Jussi Gourmet brings the simplicity of artisanal products to the table, combining the reliability of the store with the convenience of online shopping.

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